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Friday, August 9, 2013

Universal Studios, Big Theme Park in A Small Country

Universal Studios Singapore=>> Singapore is the smallest country in the South East Asia. Although Singapore is the smallest country, it has many tourism objects that are very famous. Travel to Lovely Asia in Singapore means that you must be ready to be the witness of the interesting attractions; Singapore flyer,Esplanade,Chinese Garden,Singapore Zoo, Singapore Science Center, Merlion Park, Suntec City Mall, Marina Bay Sands, Clark Quay,  Fort Canning Park and Universal Studio.

As we know, Universal studio is the most famous tourism objects in SingaporeUniversal studio is a synthetic tourism object which was created in Resort World Sentosa area.This tourism object has 20 hectare area that containing many tourism planes. This playing ground is themed from famous films produced by Universal Studios.

Universal studios is divided in several areas that if we step our feet to each area, we can fell different atmosphere. Singapore Universal Studios is divided in 7 zones. There are Madagascar, Far Far Away Castlefrom Shrek worldwhich isthe first Shrek castle in the world, The Lost World where we can find the dinosaur’s world andWaterworld, Ancient Egypt – that is an area which contains lot of mummies, Sci-Fi – that is a futuristic city, dan the last two zones are about the biggest town in the world; New York and Hollywood.

Singapore Universal Studios has operating hours start from 10 am to 7 pm. For the ticket prices, it depends 
on when we go to this place, and which ticket type that we buy.This place is awesome object to be visited.
Just For you know:
Althought Singapore is the smallest country in South East Asia but it has  a great theme park, Universal Studios.

Singapore is  one of the most expensive country in Asia. You must make a good preparation  especially about your budget before deciding to visit this little lovely country. But, when you have come to see the attractions in Singapore, you will not regret losing  money for your satisfaction. 
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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ha Long Bay the Beautiful Heaven from Capital City of Vietnam

The Beautiful Bay In Vietnam>>   It is so bad, if travel to Asia but never visit Vietnam. This lovely country has beautiful attraction visited by million travelers every year. Ha Long Bay which is located in the north of Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam is a bay that has ±1.500 km² area with 120 km coastline. In this bay there are 1969 limestone that are appearing from water and growinginto big limestone mountains. Some of these limestone mountains have a cave inside. Hang Daugo in the biggest and the famous cave in Ha Long. In the inside this cave, there are hundreds stalactite and stalagmite that have very unique shape. In the 1994, Ha Long Bay was included as World Heritage sites.

Those limestone mountains are stand in line and make some rows of limestone mountains.  People in that place believe that Ha Long Bay is a bay that had ever come by dragon. Those limestone mountains are the back of the dragon that becomes a witness of Vietnam wars. People believe that the dragon came and protect Vietnam while Vietnam against China and America.
Even thought this bay has quite water surface, this bay do not serves an experience to swim or dive because the water contain too much salt. However, tourist still can enjoy this wonderful view by riding a sail boat.
Ha Long Bay have wonderful scenery, there are many place that have particular specials view. Enjoy it

Tips Travel to Hanoi Vietnam:
1.Be carefull with the law in this city. Generally due to the economic and social condition, the law in this country is not in good reputation. Supposed you got lost of your article  or property and then call  Police officer and tell them that you have something stolen. Surely  they will fill out a report but don’t hope that they do something quickly to find it without extra money from you.
2. If  you are worried about savety in  your travelling to Hanoy, you are wrong. Hanoi is a safe city, like other cities in Vietnam.  Some tourist form US have report that they have a trouble with pickpocket crime, but the number is not significant and they do that bad actions not with violence. What you have to do is just , be more careful with your traveler's checks and money in your hotel. Or it is better for you to bring them on your journey as long as you can keep them safe.

Let's enjoy travel to lovely Asia, enjoy the heaven of Vietnam! 
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Get Your New Sensation On Travelling To The Magic Echo Wall of Beijing


The Magic  Echo Wall of Beijing
China is a large country in Asia. This Countries that have the largest area in Asia (9,598,077 sq km) and very good economy. And one more, China is the most populated country, with a population more than 1.3 billion. Beijing, th capital city of the state is a big city that has a lot of uniqueness, no wonder this city become one of the important tourism icons of China. Beijing seems to have unlimitted attractions for tourists both local and foreign tourists to visit and enjoy the sights seiing of the city. It seems  never run out of amazing sights. Tourists who come to Beijing can enjoy the Forbidden Palace, The Great Wall, The Temple of Heaven, and of course The Magic of  "Echo Wall".

If you are a kind of  traveller who  love historical tourism, there are so many historic buildings in unique state because of  in the harmoy of combination of old and modern buildings. You will just feel as witness the historical development since a few years ago to the present day. In Beijing, tourists can watch The Grand National Theater, the best stadium of  Bird's Nest and Water Cube, a giant swimming pool that was built to resemble a very large bubbles. I will bet, You will not be satisfied if only one or two days exploring Beijing tour of city.
Like the title of this article, we will explore more sights Beijing Echo Wall. The Magic Echo Wall is a wall built around the Temple of Heaven with a height of 3.5 meters and 85 centi-meters thick. This wall not only reflect the sound of the walls, but also the sound will continue until it reaches the other side of the wall. Because of the ability to reflect and forward this sound, almost all tourists who visit will scream for a new sensation who have never felt. Echo Wall will make double the screaming sound of all visitors or just to talk, so as the number of visitors far more than the proper amount. It's so unique, right?!

It should be noted, when you're in the Echo Wall you are not allowed to yell at full volume of your tone, because if you do, it will be louder and disturbing other visitors. So how loud we may shout?!  You must try by yourself to find the answer. Come to Echo Wall of Beijing and and see either The Temple of Heaven, the main object of this tourist attraction that has a pretty good looks, the very thick ancient Chinese architectural style.
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Monday, July 29, 2013

The Asia Destination of Hongkong Ocean Park

Hongkong Ocean Park
Hong Kong, the metropolis city that  always gives special treatment for people who really like traveling is the best choice for your holiday Asia destination . Hong Kong serves tourists with many tourism destinations with so many different concept and atmosphere. For you who prefer tourism place with naval theme, Ocean
Park is the best choice to bubble your desire.    

Actually Hong Kong Ocean Park is a marine mammal park, oceanarium, animal theme park and amusement park, situated in Wong Chuk Hang and Nam Long Shan in the Southern District of Hong Kong. This Ocean Park now has grown to about 35 attractions and rides. The park has won several awards, including The World's Seventh Most Popular Amusement Park and 33rd Most Visited Tourist Attractions in the World by Forbes. This park is claimed visited by millions visitors every year.

Ocean Park is a playing ground with marine theme that is divided into two area. The first one is The Waterfront and the last one is The Summit. The Waterfront is located after entrance. In this area gives many fun attractions and simple games that suitable for kids. On the other hand, The Summit is located above The Waterfront that makes us riding cable car or Ocean Express to reach this area. Setelah menggunakan After we ride Cable car atau Ocean Express, we will arrive in The Summit and starting to enjoy many scary attraction to pump up our adrenalin. In this place we can enjoy many interesting attractions with marine atmosphere. In addition, this playing ground has already gotten a predicate as one of the best playing grounds in the world.

If you want to go to this place, Ocean Park Hong Kong has ticketing online system to make the tourist easier to get the ticket, and do not need to stand in line for it.
There are two world class theme park in Hongkong; Disneyland and Ocean Park. Ocean park is a playing ground with marine theme. You can enjoy marine atmosphere here.
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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cherrapunji, Hidden Natural Treasure in India

Cherrapunji (or Cherrapunjee) is a district of East Khasi hills in Meghalaya territory. Meghalaya means "Cloud house" andbecause of the beauty Meghalaya also called as Scotland of Asia. Cherrapunji is located on 1.484 meter heightabove sea level, and the area is facing on land of Bangladesh. This place is very wet with rainfall level up to 1270 cm per year. Therefore, Cherrapunji is known as the wettest place in the world.

If we feel bored, tired, and stress with your activity in the office, and faced traffic jam in the street,Cherrapunji is the best choice to clean all of burden that we have. In Cherrapunji, tourists can enjoy extraordinary natural scenery, and inhale fresh air freely. There is a waterfall that very famous with the splendor and the fresh water; many kinds of flowers grow in this place. If we explore to the forest of this place, we can find many wild animal that very amazing in their natural habitation. One thing that makes Cherrapunji is known up to the world is because there is a natural bridge named “Alive Bridge”. Cherrapunji people use roots of trees as a bridge. Process in making this bridge took about 10 up to 15 years, it’s make this bridge so strong. If you want to go to Cherrapunji, do not forget to bring umbrella.

Description :
India has many bautiful tourism places. Cherrapunji is one of them. In Cherrapunji you can feel fresh because of their natural beauty.
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Friday, July 26, 2013

Angkor Wat The Exotic Temples from Cambodia

Cambodia is a lovely country to visit. If you travel to Asia and go to the South East Asia region, your vacation will be not complete if you do not visit Cambodia. There is a great complex of temples that very famous and exotic in the world and  becomes one of world wonders In Cambodia. The name is the temple is Angkor Wat which is located  in Yasodharapura area, 5.5 kilometer to the north from Siem Reap. Angkor Wat is a historical buildings in Siem Reap area which is built by King Suryavarman II about twelfth century. The construction was taking time up to 30 years. Angkor Wat is surrounding with many exotic temples, but Angkor Wat is a temple in the best condition rather than others.

Angkor Wat is Hindu temple where Hindu Deities live. Angkor Wat complex represent a world. Angkor Wat is surrounding by the wall that represent the sea in the world. And in the center of this place there is the biggest temple that represents Meru Mountain as the center of the world. If we go to this place, we will walk through entrance gate that is very big. That way is represent a giant sneak as a symbol of fertilize cosmic. Each wall and temple are covered by many relief that tells story about Hindu myths, especially myth related to Wisnu Diety.

If you feel like a classical tourism, dont forget to go to Cambodia, you will find an exotic tamples, which build in twelfth century, Angkor Wat.

Tips for travelling in Cambodia:

1. Be ready with the hot temperature of tropical climate.
2. Knowing French is better anymore because in Cambodia the first language is Khmer , and English  become the second, French is not the second anymore.
3. If you like taking picture, becareful, photography in airports, railway stations and near any military installations is forbidden.
4. You better know that Cambodians greet each other by a slight bowing and a prayer like gesture called a Sompeah, with the younger or lower ranked person normally initiating the gesture. For foreigners and business handshakes are acceptable.

We do hope you enjoy travel to lovely Asia by exploring the beauty of Cambodia.
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Khasmir The Hidden Treasure in India

 Most of us, if we heard Kashmir word, first thing that appear in our mind is a conflict. This thing makes us cannot see a good thing from this place. Behind the bad things that Kashmir has, Kashmir also called as a piece of heaven. Kashmir can be a good destination for a couple who wants to do a honeymoon. The cold air, hills, cliff, and large river that exist in Kashmir makes this place give a romance atmosphere that suitable for a new couple.

In Khasmir we can enjoy views of the famous houseboat.A boat that is decorated with gold and red color rugs makes that boat looks like a luxurious hotel on the water.Besides that, we also can enjoy overlay of tulips with many different colors that can hypnotic us to feel like in the parade in Indira Gandhi Garden.This biggest tulips garden in Asia has a unique event; all of the flowers only blooming together only 20 days per year.In addition, Kashmir also known as a place that has unique carpet and textile product handicraft that can be bought as a souvenir.

By all of those splendors, Kashmir can be worthy destination place to be visited, and this place is very reasonable to be used to fill our mind with good memories that unforgettable.
Description :
Many people maybe never know that Khasmir like a treasure because of their splendor. Behind the issues surrounding, Khasmir is special.

Tips travelling to India:
Is it your first time travel to India? So you must know what to do to avoid trouble when visiting this beautiful country.
1. Make a good choise on your route
You must decide first what do you really want to know from this country. Just for you know that the most popular India tour is the all-time classic Golden Triangle. Try to find as many possible information about the tourism object that can be your interest.

2. Don’t be in a hurry
Some travellers who visit India always try to go arround so fast because they want to visit so many places. Actually it’s not a good for you when you want to know more about this country.
3. Avoid the crowds
One billion locals gets a bit too much for some travellers, but India also has plenty of quiet retreats. If you need to escape the crowds in the sprawling cities, consider heading south to the backwaters of Kerala, north to Tibetan-influenced mountainous regions such as Ladakh or paying a visit to one of India’s many hill stations.
4. Be careful with your health condition

Living in Asian is not easy, especially India. The tropical climate and the hot weather will give much infuence on your health.  You must avoid tap water, and any food that may have been washed in it, at all times. 
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