Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ha Long Bay the Beautiful Heaven from Capital City of Vietnam

The Beautiful Bay In Vietnam>>   It is so bad, if travel to Asia but never visit Vietnam. This lovely country has beautiful attraction visited by million travelers every year. Ha Long Bay which is located in the north of Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam is a bay that has ±1.500 km² area with 120 km coastline. In this bay there are 1969 limestone that are appearing from water and growinginto big limestone mountains. Some of these limestone mountains have a cave inside. Hang Daugo in the biggest and the famous cave in Ha Long. In the inside this cave, there are hundreds stalactite and stalagmite that have very unique shape. In the 1994, Ha Long Bay was included as World Heritage sites.

Those limestone mountains are stand in line and make some rows of limestone mountains.  People in that place believe that Ha Long Bay is a bay that had ever come by dragon. Those limestone mountains are the back of the dragon that becomes a witness of Vietnam wars. People believe that the dragon came and protect Vietnam while Vietnam against China and America.
Even thought this bay has quite water surface, this bay do not serves an experience to swim or dive because the water contain too much salt. However, tourist still can enjoy this wonderful view by riding a sail boat.
Ha Long Bay have wonderful scenery, there are many place that have particular specials view. Enjoy it

Tips Travel to Hanoi Vietnam:
1.Be carefull with the law in this city. Generally due to the economic and social condition, the law in this country is not in good reputation. Supposed you got lost of your article  or property and then call  Police officer and tell them that you have something stolen. Surely  they will fill out a report but don’t hope that they do something quickly to find it without extra money from you.
2. If  you are worried about savety in  your travelling to Hanoy, you are wrong. Hanoi is a safe city, like other cities in Vietnam.  Some tourist form US have report that they have a trouble with pickpocket crime, but the number is not significant and they do that bad actions not with violence. What you have to do is just , be more careful with your traveler's checks and money in your hotel. Or it is better for you to bring them on your journey as long as you can keep them safe.

Let's enjoy travel to lovely Asia, enjoy the heaven of Vietnam! 


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